Digital Communications

  1. What is digital communication?
    • A means of digital communications that is capable of very high speeds; suitable for transmission of images or voice or video as well as data.”

  1. How does the Internet work (& what is it)?
    • A type of digital communication to share and view information from around the world, and it works by allowing any device to connect to another through networks. Source
  2. What are some major benefits/”Pros” of the internet and forms of digital comm?
    • Socially, its a good way for people to stay connected with the world
    • good tool for learning/knowledge
    • good form of entertainment
  3. What are some major (especially current) problems/”Cons” of the internet
    • People are becoming more dependent on it
    • Once you put something out there anyone can always go out and find it
    • With having all the access it opens doors up for illegal activity
    • Children could be exposed to certain things prematurely
  4. How does the internet and digital comm affect:
    • Society: Overall positive, everyone is more connected and relatable
    • Politics: Also good, helps to get the word out about things that happen and what people do
    • Democracy: Similar to politics, gets the word out about laws and peoples rights, when people are allowed full access
    • Identity: Can be both good and bad, for people who can be shy the internet can give them an expressive outlet, but people can sometimes act really fake and not really show their identity
    • Truth: Also both good and bad, simply because anyone can post anything, so it is a good outlet for sharing the truth but there is nothing stopping people from lying online
  5. How can you use the internet and communicate through digital means?
    • This can vary between different social groups, but for me social networking, such as twitter and snapchat, as well as things like this blog.  It can also be used for studying since you can use it to find and gather many different forms of information, and similarly for research.  It can also be used for entertainment, like television and music.



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