Trump and Admin vs. News Media

Conway: “rethinking relationship with press”

  • After Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s first conference, in which he practically attacked the media for supposed negative and inaccurate coverage, Trump’s former campaign adviser Kellyanne Conway claimed “We’re going to have rethink our relationship here,” referring to the Trump administration and the press.  However, their relationship has never been that great, as Trump has insulted news and outlets before, specifically CNN, and has always obviously favored and been favored by Fox News.
  • For numbers on campaign coverage for Trump and Clinton, see here.

How the Trump Administration is dealing with the Press

  • In the Trump administration, there are two major people who speak to the press: Former Campaign Adviser Kellyanne Conway and Press Secretary Sean Spicer.  Recently, Spicer spoke to the press to discuss the inauguration and the Women’s March that took place not long after.  At the conference, he attempted to claim that Trump’s inauguration was the most viewed ever, and had larger attendence than the Women’s March, both of which are blatantly untrue.  He also contradicted himself at one point, stating that there is no way to get accurate numbers for attendance at these events, then giving numbers to support his false claim that more people attended the inauguration.  These lies spawned a meme, #seanspicerfacts.


  • Spicer attacked the media, claiming that they had intentionally given poor coverage of the inauguration, as well as inaccurately reported other events.  This article further explains his “tirade” and gives more information on Spicer’s political history.
  • While not directly related to the Trump’s administration interactions with the press, another interesting development this week is the alleged fight between Kellyanne Conway and a man at an Inaugural Ball.  While I was not able to find concrete evidence, this article quotes a Fox News reporter who claims he saw Conway intervene in a fight and procede to punch a man three times at the ball.


  • Breitbart is a hardcore right-wing news source, and while most of the articles appear professional, there is some major Republican bias.  After two visits, I noticed two ads on the site: one for its own merchandise, which takes a hefty portion of the space, and an ad to vote to send Hillary Clinton to jail.

Trump and the Inauguration

  • One of his closest advisers, Sean Spicer stated it was the highest viewed inauguration
  • many news sources and crowd scientists disagreed with that
  • Attendance was a third of what we saw in 2012
  • Trump’s close adviser Kellyanne Conway said Spicer did not lie, but that he gave alternative facts
  • President Trump used his first full day in office to release a remarkably bitter attack on the media falsely accusing journalists of deliberately understating the size of his inauguration crowd
  • Trump claimed that journalists are one of “the most dishonest human beings on earth.”
  • Trump: “We caught them in a beauty” and “I think they will pay a  big price”
  • This article further describes Trumps false claims

Alternative Facts

  • When President Trump is brought up most of the time, we only hear about his personal actions, but what about the people he has hired as his administration? The most recent inauguration inducting Donald Trump into presidency has been a hot topic within the media, including his press secretary Sean Spicer providing alternative facts today the press following the inauguration. His claim was that the inauguration crowd was just as large if not larger than the crowd at president Obama’s inauguration.
  • When meeting with the press he gave false statements about the amount of people at the event. It is a true fact that the areas surrounding Washington DC, were not trumps most supportive areas for campaigning, none of the surrounding county’s had over half their votes in his favor. Knowing this it would be understandable to see why Trump’ inauguration wasn’t packed. Also Sean claimed that floor covers were used for the first time at this inauguration, which gave the event a less full looking effect. While there is plenty of evidence to confirm that the floor covers were first used at Obama’s inauguration.
  • These facts can be easily found with a simple Google search, which makes its hard to believe that his press secretary would give false facts to the public. How does this make Trumps administration look? How are us, as American people supposed to believe in a group of people that lie to the public they serve and represent on an international level?
  • Conway’s “alternative facts”

How is Trump using twitter

  • Our newly elected president, Donald Trump, does not need to display his feelings, good or bad, all over the twitter world. When he tweets, most of it is negativity towards the press or towards the Americans exercising their right to protest against him. Personally, I don’t believe that he does not need to get involved with the social media. He is our president now. He does not need to worry about people tweeting him and him possibly firing back at them because he is the head of our country so him saying the wrong thing can put us as America in a bad spot. Him having a twitter is perfectly fine. Him using it for the right reasons like updating dating the world on what he has planned to change and moving our country in the right direction, but him acting like a regular person is something he doesn’t need too do.
  • Examples of him using twitter in a way we don’t need.

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