My Graphic Identity

5 things I would identify myself as:

  • Student- Actor/Thinker
  • Movie Junkie
Movie Reel,” by Josue Oquendo

  • Book Reader
Book,” by sai aditya
  • Dog’s best friend
Dog,” by Christy Peeler
  • Sky Lover- enjoying nature, specifically stars, with people I care about

If I was an animal, what would I be?

Wolf- because they love the night and the moon, and they’re devoted to their pack-friends and family

Wolf,” by Bakunetsu Kaito

If I was a natural object, what would I be?

The peak of a volcano in iceland, because the view would be killer

Island Volcano,” by Oliviu Stoian

If I were a man-made object, what would I be?

Ice cream scoop, so I could taste a ton of ice cream

Ice Cream Scoop,” by Vandy

Who was I in a past life?

Probably an author, someone like C. S. Lewis or J. R. R. Tolkien, because I love their philosophy and the imaginative worlds they wrote in

If I were a shape, what would I be?

A circle, because I like the balance

Shadow,” by Thomas Miller

If I were a color, what color would I be?

A stormy blue, because of the duality of the calmness/thoughtfulness and and the craziness

The blue color of the tips of the waves in front,, and where the storm touches the waves

A deep tree green, because of the beauty of nature and how naturally intriguing it is


The dark green on the edge of the circle of light

A brighter shade of origin, like in sunshine, because of the warmth and happiness it brings

The middle brightness shade of sunshine coming through the trees

What is your fashion style?

Simple and classic, often dark colors, specifically blues and grays. Usually a t shirt, jeans, and more casual shoes, like converse, and sometimes a simple jacket or sweater.  Even when fancy, I try to keep it simple.

What is my decorating style?

Again I like to keep things simple, and while it is likely messy I like the idea of being spacious but small enough to be “cozy” like a small/medium cabin in the woods.  Nothing overtly fancy, but interesting and simple but elegant furniture and other decorations.  More natural colors, nothing too crazy but still beautiful

What are the five most important beliefs that make up my value system?

  • Love- God/Jesus, family, friends, everyone you can
  • Honesty/trust
  • Compassion
Giving Love,” by Arthur Shlain
  • Friendliness- fun-loving and have an enjoyment for life and what you do
Support,” by Kevin
  • Living in the moment

What are your five greatest strengths?

  • Thoughtful/Caring
  • Analytical
Analyze,” by ProSymbols
  • Creative/Innovative
Idea,” by Laymik
  • Persistent
  • Friendly/Polite

What are the five most unique or distinct attributes I have?

  • I can be pessimistic sometimes, but I can almost always bounce back from anything or any bad day
  • Really good at remembering almost anything, even random things that are sometimes unimportant
Cloud,” by Argus Purwanto
  • I have the worst vision of anyone I know-But I have really good hearing
Eye,” by Alina Oleynik
  • Really good at thinking of great gifts and giving them
  • Can overthink often and be really indecisive

If I got a tattoo, what would it be?

A symbol of Yin Yang, because of its meaning of balance, and its also very visually appealing, probably on my shoulder or arm

What book or album cover do you most identify with?

This cover of the Hobbit, because I love the sense of adventure in both the cover and book, as well as the fantasy and imagination in it because I’ve always found the human imagination, and especially Tolkien’s, to be both incredibly intriguing and enjoyable to get lost in

The Hobbit

What is my motto or slogan, or what would my tagline be?

“Not all who wander who lost”

Hiking,” by Jems Mayor

What are my three favorite logos?

Jaguar, its very elegant and sleek, but also has this aspect of “cool” to it

The Jaguar Logo

Pepsi, the colors blend well together and it honestly makes me thirsty


The Blizzard Logo, its very cool, both literally and color wise, and this case is quite “shiny”

Blizzard Entertainment

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