Women in the Ministry

Interview with a Minister

I interviewed Dr. Tiffany Hamilton, an Associate Pastor at Clemson First Baptist Church, who has been in the ministry for over 20 years.  I talked with her for a little less than an hour about how being a woman can affect being in the ministry, and the different views and experiences being a woman may lead to while becoming ordained or serving in the church.  This is what I thought was some of the most interesting topics and questions we discussed.

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A Denomination for Everyone

Setting the Scene

Going back through history to discover why certain things today are the way they are is always an intriguing journey.  With religion, there are many different views to look at and places to start from.  This allows for a huge array of topics to research into, which can easily lead to an information overload.  This post will give a thorough but quick description of a few of the biggest Christian Denominations in the United States.

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Engineering a Minister

A Different Approach

Youth ministry has always been an intriguing career.  There seem to be so many different parts to it, but then is the main focus on the youth.  So, aside from the normal office and minister work in the church, there is the planning of all the different trips, volunteer work, and even regular bible studies.  But, the most important aspect is simply spending time with the youth: teaching the bible studies, going on the retreats, helping with the community service, even just getting coffee with them-in short, making a connection with them.  And this connection seems rather  inexplicable.  Something between the minister and the youth just seems to “click.”  The most intriguing thing is that the youth minister is not necessarily trained or taught this, they just seem to have a natural ability to bond with the kids.

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The Center of the Maze

The Labyrinth

A panoramic view of the three paths in the garden that connect to the Labyrinth.
A front view of Greenville First Baptist Church, including its steeple.

At the Greenville First Baptist Church in, well Greenville, South Carolina, there is a Santa Rosa Labyrinth in their “Remembrance Garden.”  While just a small part of the garden itself, the labyrinth is easily the most intriguing part.  It is built in relatively small area covered by trees, and it feels quite calm and serene.  On the day I visited, it was quite cloudy, but even then it had an air of tranquility to it.  Even with the the more frigid temperatures, I was able to experience the stillness and quietness of the area, from the gate opening to a small stone wooded path to the actual opening where the stone labyrinth platform.

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It’s a Revolution

After a long bus ride, ranging from 30 minutes to 5 hours, to the Township Auditorium in Columbia, South Carolina, there is a buzz of excitement in the air as groups of children make their way inside.  Once inside the building, loud music is heard and people move around the entire building.  The entire auditorium is almost full, and the noise from people is almost as loud as the music.  Once all of the groups are inside, Someone begins to give announcements.  But it is not long before music starts again, this time live.  Huge crowds of youth run to the stage to form “the closest thing to a mosh pit Methodists will ever come to” as an adult leader describes it.  However, eventually the small concert ends, and everyone returns to their seats.  It is then that the speaker for the year, Brock Morgan, takes the stage, and begins to preach.

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